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Rooted Student Ministry

Our Students ministry is dedicated to creating an authentic environment for students to connect with God in a powerful way.

Let's Get You Connected

If you are new to HCC or are interested in your student being a part of ROOTED, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.



Designed to meet teens right where they are, Rooted Student Ministry provides an authentic environment where our teens can connect with their Creator in a real and powerful way. This experience incorporates crazy games, special giveaways, high energy music, inspiring messages and small group time with their leaders and peers. No matter where your teens are in their faith journey, we have a place for them.


In student ministry, we all want to grow. We want to grow in numbers, sure. But at Harvest we want to grow in depth and effectiveness, too. It’s not always easy to grow a ministry, but our heart is to see ROOTED grow both deep and wide.

We are using a system that works to involve students, leaders, and parents in the journey together. Students will be challenged to dig deeper, leaders will grow, and parents will be encouraged to continue the discipleship at home!

It is our goal that everyone will be ROOTED in Christ's love!

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Harvest partners with Prairie View Christian Camp in Ark City, KS for church camp.  PVCC does a great job of providing the setting and programs whereby youth and adults are influenced by the message of Jesus Christ toward a life-changing decision. LEARN MORE


This summer, ROOTED will be attending Summit week

July 11-16.

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