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All donations are tax deductible* and will be processed through Planning Center Online (completely secure & safe). By clicking the Donate Now button you’ll be taken to Planning Center’s site where you can choose an option of either a recurring donation or a One-Time Donation. You’ll also have the option of setting a bank draft or using a credit/debit card. (Please note different credit cards charge a fee for us processing your donations. Some have chosen to add the fee amount to their donation in order to pay the fee rather than having the church pay it. It’s normally 2-3% of the amount charged.)


There's one word church people dread even more than sin--tithe. It can be a difficult subject. We believe that the Bible teaches us to give from the resources that God has blessed us with, that includes our time, talents, and treasure. This should always be the first and best of what we have. There is tons of scripture to support that, but the bottom line for us, is that everything we have God has given to us and we can NEVER out give God.

But just like our walk with Jesus is a journey of spiritual GROWTH. Our giving changes the longer we walk with Jesus. So where should you start?

Step 1 of Tithing

Give ONE time

Step 2 of Tithing

Give Regularly

Step 3 of Tithing

Give 10% of your Income

Step 4

Give Generously

*Because Planning Center keeps your information secure, your receipt for a tax deductible donation online to Harvest is your email confirmation from Planning Center. We will email you a year end giving statement, but please keep your Planning Center receipt for tax purposes, too!