What Is Discipleship?

Jesus said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." -Matthew 4:19

What Makes You A Disciple?

Being changed by Jesus takes time and a daily choice to die to ourselves. It also takes discipleship and walking with others as we grow. Much like the wheat, that Jesus so often referenced, we must grow into mature disciple-making disciples.

Following Jesus

Worshipping Him as King

Being Changed by Jesus

Walking with Jesus daily

Committed to the mission of Jesus

Working for HIS Kingdom

Process of Discipleship


People in this stage have not accepted Jesus as Lord.


  • Broken
  • Unaware
  • Living on feelings and emotions

Common Thoughts:

“There are many ways to Heaven.”

“I’m a good person.”

“I think there is probably a higher power.”

“I am too busy for church or LifeGroup.”


This stage happens when you accept Jesus, but haven’t moved past that point.


  • Lord of their life
  • Confused about what is truth
  • Need guidance

Common Thoughts:

“Christians are hypocrites.”

“A loving God would never send good people to Hell.”

“The church just wants my money.”

“I am too busy for church or LifeGroup.


In this stage, people are growing in their relationship with God and others. They are applying God’s Word to their life and walking with others.


  • Growing relationship with God
  • Building relationships with others
  • Developing a habit of prayer and Bible study
  • Attends LifeGroup regularly
  • Gives their time, talent, and treasure joyfully

Common Thoughts:

“I love my church because I belong.”

“LifeGroups are great! They make me feel welcome.”

“I don’t want to branch out, I just started making friends.”


In this stage, people are making a big shift in focus. It goes from self-centered to others-centered. They are changing from a taker to a giver and putting others first.


  • Less self-centered
  • More others-centered
  • Starting to have a Kingdom focus
  • Still needs lots of guidance

Common Thoughts:

“I am going to check on someone who needs a visit rather than going to the movies.”

“I will serve in nursery so parents can attend service.”

“I want to see my LifeGroup multiply”


In this stage, the parent has a solid understanding of God’s Word, deep abiding relationship with God, and are serving others regularly. They are making disciples and focused on God’s Kingdom. They are bearing Fruit!


  • Mature disciple of Jesus
  • Skilled in assessing where others are at in the discipleship process
  • Intentionally invests in others
  • Helps to develop others into leaders

Common Thoughts:

“Next time I go visit with someone, I will take Bob with me.”

“I have some potential leaders in my LifeGroup that I am going to invest in.”

“I want to help others become leaders in the church.”


This stage happens when a parent has created disciples who are making disciples who are making disciples. Focused on Kingdom growth and seeing a large harvest!


  • Deep relationships with God and others
  • Dedicated to Bible study and prayer time
  • Equips and releases disciples regularly.
  • Makes disciples who make disciples

Common Thoughts:

“What else can I do to help others see Jesus better.”

“I want to see disciple-makers change our community.”

“All for HIS Kingdom.”

“I want to help multiply LifeGroups as often as possible.”