Mid-India Church Partners

Harvest has partnered to plant it’s 1st church! We have started a partnership with Mid-India Church Partners.  We are blessed to be able to be a help to our brothers and sisters in India through this organization! Please pray for this great work for the Kingdom!

Mid-India Church Partners is hard at work in eight states across India and the neighboring country of Nepal. As a result of their work, over 160 church plants are operating with over 14,000 people in regular weekly attendance. Mid-India Church Partners does ministry in and through their local church plants, equipping leaders to serve their community and spread the gospel among the people of India.

Nexus Church Planting

Since November 2017, Harvest has also been giving back to church planting and the mission of Growing God’s Kingdom through NEW churches!  Since then, we have given $12,321.95 to Nexus Church Planting to see NEW church work start around the country.  Harvest tithes 10% of the tithe back to this mission because we believe that church planting is vital to the Kingdom!


In December 2020, Harvest began a partnership with Hope Coffee.  We started providing only Hope Coffee for our Sunday morning service and we have also made 12 oz. bags of coffee available for purchase.  We believe in the mission of Hope and we love their coffee too.  Enjoy a cup this Sunday during worship.

Coffee with a MISSION!