2017 created by Harvest Christian Church 

Winfield, KS


Why Join?

It is our goal to help you find your purpose.  We want you to find that place where you can do what God has created you to do.  The truth is that sometimes we don't know where that is yet.  Here at Harvest we invite you to join a team for a set amount of time and see if it fits.  If not, lets try something else.  

Take that first step of working for Jesus today, join a team!

Where will you begin to leave Jesus' fingerprints?


HarvestKids is our children’s ministry for infants through 5th grade, offered during our morning service.  We believe the best way to prepare kids for their future is to help them fall in love with Jesus at an early age and provide irresistible environments with impactful adult leaders who build into their lives. Our environments are created so that kids are safe and secure. All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened at every campus. We implement a stringent security process for all kids. 

Our curriculum builds on the idea that spiritual growth is relationally driven. When another trusted adult is placed in the life of a child, besides their parents, an additional voice is provided that reinforces core values. Our strategy emphasizes small groups, even at young ages, so that kids and small group leaders easily build relationships. We want our leaders to personally connect with each child. While each age group focuses on a different key element, we believe that they are interlocking essentials that can change the world. We want to work together to build a child’s view of God, the world, and themselves as they grow. 

Every weekend, you will find our staff team, volunteers and kids in our children’s area hanging out, having fun and learning about a Heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally.


Harvest Setup is responsible getting Irving ready for worship service on Sunday mornings.  The setup team arrives at Irving at 8:00 am and unloads and setups up Harvest.  It is a great time for fellowship and getting a little sweaty for the gospel.  We have fun each Sunday seeing if we can setup just a little faster than the week before.

The Setup team is also responsible for loading it all back up into the trailer and putting all the chairs back in the closet.  Yes, we race the clock on tear down too.

We would love to have you join us!


Harvest Community team is the dream machine behind how we will make an impact in our community.  This team is responsible for dreaming up our outreach events and helping making sure that they get planned, advertised, and executed.  If you love to throw a good party, this team is defiantly where you can make a difference.

We would love to have you join us and help bring change into our community!


Harvest Worship team is responsible for bringing glory to God on Sunday mornings.  This group of talented musicians and singers leads Harvest into a place where our hearts are prepared for God's Word.  

If you have a musical talent and want to join, sign up today and we will get you worked into our team.

We would love to have you join us!


Harvest Media team works closely with the worship team and the lead pastor to make sure that the Sunday worship experience is organized and ready visually,  They also are charged with helping to keep Harvest's social media updated and relevant.

One of the very important jobs of our social media presence is to make sure that we keep the focus on Jesus and that we stay positive with the message of hope and truth.  Social media is flooded with negative things, we won't engage in those discussion.  

We would love to have you join us and help bring some light to social media!